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What parts of our digital remains will be available forever?

Who will save this data?

Who owns these files?

What is the data's backstory?







With Vemoria, you can choose who will manage and store your digital remains

You can describe the data's backstory and add additional information about it

You can choose who can see your data and who can edit it

It's simple to synchronise with your chosen partners

With Vemoria you have an easy version control to edit mistakes of other collaborators

Vemoria is a cross platform application


Our Team

Our team consists of 9 members in total. This includes 1 product owner, 1 scrum master and 7 developers.
Every person worked their very best on this project. Everyone has their own strenghts to improve the team and to achieve our corporate goal.
In this 8 weeks we learned a lot and improved our skills in programming, solidarity and problem solving.
We are now ready to work on a real project in a company and understand the importance of teamwork.
Finally, we got a lot of ideas to make a beautiful product and develop a big team spirit and are happy to call ourself team Vemoria.





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