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The Team:

Product Owner: Sebastian Becker

Scrum Master: Lea Drießnack

Developer: Daniel Bernhard 
           Anja Bühler 
                     Ganbolor Ganbold
            Imad Khadiri
                                   Fabrice Feugang-Kemegni 

Goal of the project:

The creation of an app that with a playful aspect brings the user closer to the Wormser Dom (Worms cathedral). This app is supposed to be used within an event taking place around the Wormser Dom for example.


Our result:

As an adaption to the theme, we chose tetris as the basic game. As compared to the traditional  tetris, the player should only build the cathedral, thus full rows do not disappear but instead stack up, with a sufficient number of full rows the game is completed and the cathedral is completely built. After completing the game, the user can look at information pages  and facts about the cathedral.

It is also possible to load your own photos in the app and play them as a level .

Future ideas:

  • image recognition (border around the dome)
  • share pictures with friends
  • 'won' animation (glass bricks)
  • advantages through facts