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Vemoria is a software for creating and maintaining digital archives to permanently keep and gather multimedia files especially for private use (saving the digital heritage). Vemoria also aims to simplify the collaboration on multimedia files with multiple people.

Vemoria was created as a solution to the following problems:

  • What parts of our digital remains will be available forever?
  • Who will save those data?
  • Who owns these files?
  • What is this data's back story?

Detailed Key Features of Vemoria

  • Archiving as in "permanent storage" to not have your data be forgotten on some backup disk.

  • Meta data: author, date of creation, notes, copyright, links to other types of content

  • Multi-User-Ability by being distributed via git

  • Simple synchronization with support for automatic merging instead of doing it manually.

  • Manual synchronization with other collaborators without the need of a central server

  • Security: share Vemoria archives with chosen users only

  • Compatibility (Windows / Mac OS / Linux)

  • Version control rollback to an older version in case something goes wrong




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