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Here you can find some other cool ideas we had while brainstorming.

Gaming approaches:

  • A Pong-style game, where you can use real world objects to build walls, which reflect the game ball.
  • A marbel run-game, where you have to guide a (digital) marbel to a special place with real world object.
  • An Adventure game, where you can solve puzzles with real world objects, which were hidden in the playing room.
  • A Breakout-style game, where you control the board with your hands.
  • An Armagetron-style game, where you can build walls with real world objects.

Informative approaches:

  • A solar system simulator, where you use real world objects to create gravity.
  • Scanning real world objects to create digital copies of them.
  • A light and shadow system, where you can place real world objects, which will cast shadows.
  • A system where you can scan colors and mix them.

There are also some features for our Mixed Reality Tower Defense game, which couldn't be realised through us due to time limitations. Feel free to implement them!

  • Color recognition(Kinect should have recognized the color of the wooden blocks, so the player can build different kinds of towers)
  • Portals(The creeps build a portal when the player blocks their way to the goal completely)
  • Difficulty settings(The player can choose how challenging the game will be)
  • Calibration module(A software which helps people to set up the game booth)
  • Highscore(Screen, which shows the best players)
  • Music/Sound
  • Easter Eggs
  • Achievements