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The Problem

In Germany every company and organization is required ( BGV A1 §26 Abs. 1 ) to provide and qualify a certain number of first responders within their staff. The current state is, that these first responders get notified via telephone. The problem lies in the management of first responders and telephone lists. In practice these lists are often outdated, certificates and qualifications expire and often the staff isn't informed properly about where to find these lists.

To solve these problems there should be a system that helps to alert first responders fast and efficent.

The Solution

We, the First Aid Heroes, devised a system that provides the means to organize first responders in modern and innovative companies. It's as simple as pushing a button on your mobile phone and our system dynamically sends an alert to the closest first responders, with detailed information and location plans. The first responder receives real-time directions to the incident, directly on their phone.

A modern Web-Application offers all the options to organize first responders in the company. It gives comprehensive statistics and a complete overview of past events as well as the possibility to upload information about first aid and organize training events for your employees. These informations are automatically made available via our apps for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

We also provide simple integration of our alert button into your own mobile app as well as configurable Dash Buttons that can be installed at important and centralized locations within your company.