AR-Interaktion auf dem Sparkassenvorplatz




About the Project

Augmented Reality refers to a computer-aided perception that extends the real world by virtual aspects.
This makes it possible to present information more easily and convey them through real-time games.

Our Vision

On the newly designed forecourt of the Sparkasse at Lutherring,

citizens should be able to interactively explore and experience various topics

(directly or indirectly related to the SPK) using augmented reality.

The App (Android only)





Our Team

                                  Nico Henkel

                  (Product Owner)

                                    Marcel Bruggraber

                       (Scrum Master)

                                       Johannes Bohlig


                                  Jonathan Borger



                                      Tobias Reiling


                                Henrik Oberdieck


                                         Florian Müller